I am a landscape/nature photographer who lives in Waltham, Vermont, a small township near the center of the Champlain Valley. Waltham is flanked by the spine of the Green Mountains to the east and the High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks to the west. Their panoramic ridge lines, accompanied by the numerous streams and rivers that flow from their summits to the Lake Champlain Basin provide for spectacular imaging opportunities.

I am particularly attracted to those times of the day that offer the most dramatic lighting conditions, usually occurring around sunrise and sunset and commonly referred to as the "golden hours." These moments provide intense and highly saturated colors and occasions for sharp contrast and vividness. Though these situations are usually unpredictable and fleeting, they can produce occurrences when the ordinary is morphed into the extraordinary. These unique circumstances offer chances for creating very aesthetically pleasing photographs.

I am hoping that my fine art photographs offer an opportunity for the viewer to give pause to their day and reconnect with this amazing natural world in which we live. Our daily lives can become incredibly busy with endless responsibilities and uneventful routines and art can sometimes offer a sense of peacefulness and balance that may be overlooked or missing. Whether it is a lone hickory tree standing leafless against a deep blue sky, vibrant early dawn colors reflected in still waters or a solo raptor flying across a stormy horizon, photographs can serve as gentle reminders of the beauty that lies on the other side of our windows. May my photographs also serve as a reminder of the collective responsibility that we all have regarding the stewardship and protection of this delicate blue planet that we all refer to as our home.